Men of Granite, a new book by William E. McGee

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This paperback, non-fiction title contains the true stories of forty-nine of New Hampshire’s fighting men from the year’s 1755 to 1991. Bill McGee has profiled soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who made significant contributions in service to their country from the French and Indian War to Iraq. There are Medal of Honor recipients, an astronaut, and men who were the namesakes of Army forts, an Air Force base, Army airfields, and Navy destroyers. Discover the admirals, generals, privates, and corporals—submariners, parachutists, and fighter pilots from New Hampshire . . . Granite Staters . . . Men of Granite.

From the Foreword by Fritz Wetherbee . . .

“At the University of New Hampshire, Bill joined the Reserve Officers Training Corps. He loved the uniform and he loved the Army. For his entire life Bill McGee has had two great passions: the Boy Scouts and the military. I have never had a conversation with him that did not include both subjects. So it was inevitable, Bill would someday write a history of the Scouts . . . or he would write a military history.

“When he told me he was researching a history of New Hampshire military heroes I knew it would be done with love and it would be thorough. The fact that it is a delight to read is frosting on the cake. This book will be a resource to students and historians for years to come. Researchers and teachers will thank Bill McGee for this work.”

Dedicated to Robert G. LeBlanc, PhD

To Robert G. LeBlanc, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire whose knowledge, vitality and humanity touched so many lives. Whose own life was tragically cut short on 9-11-2001. All profits from the sale of this book go to the Robert G. LeBlanc Memorial Scholarship Fund administered by the University of New Hampshire Foundation, Durham, NH.