McGee Creates Readable History,
Review By Rebecca Rule 3/9/2008:

From the Revolution to Desert Storm, New Hampshire men have served with distinction in war time. Read the full review...

All History is Local,
Interview with Alec O'Meara Hippo Press, March 13-19, 2008:

"You just plod, and plod, and all of a sudden, you find gold..." New Hampshire native William McGee recently completed a book featuring some of the state's most daring fighters throughout U.S. History. The book includes veterans from every signifcant conflict from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm, organized chronologically. Read the full review...

From the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript,
by Jane Eklund 2008:

William E. McGee's new book, Men of Granite: True Stories of New Hampshire’s Fighting Men, is a collection of profiles of the state's most notable military figures. Some of the names are familiar, like General John Stark, who won the Battle of Bennington and coined the motto “Live free or die,” and Alan Shepherd, the first American in space. Others are known primarily to students of military history. The book opens with a section on Robert Rogers, a major in the French and Indian Wars who lived out his last years in poverty and exile in England, and closes on Michael J. Durant, a Blackhawk pilot whose bestseller about the battle of Mogadishu was made into the movie “Blackhawk Down.”

Readers' Comments:

"Over the years, our countries school history books print less and less about past military involvements. I think that the thumbnail sketch of our nation's wars and skirmishes to be both interesting and entertaining and downright necessary. These alone would be just cause for anyone to read this book. Although the heroes were from New Hampshire, their stores give insight to the terrible things man has suffered through to bring us where we are today. . . . well-written and well organized . . . an easy and interesting read. I can only imagine the amount of time and research . . . I know it was worth it."

-- Maynard "Doc" Unger, Commander,
Dept. of Ohio American Ex-Prisoners of War

"I just want let you know how much I enjoyed Men of Granite. It is wonderful! The research you did in order to compile so many interesting facts had to be extensive. You compiled it all in such a thorough way it was a pleasure to read. Every chapter was informative and truly revealed the story! You wrote it in such an articulate way I felt you were reading it out loud.

-- Mary Ann (Babcock) Orth,
North Haledon, NJ

"I have finished reading your great book and I really enjoyed it. It was hard to put down and there were several sections I read a second time. You really did a professional job. I especially enjoyed how you retained the theme of The Men of Granite and the relationship of the sons of New Hampshire from the French and Indian War right up to the present conflict in Iraq. I must say it was enjoyable and informative. I certainly learned a lot."

-- George Pearse
Professor Emeritus Lemoyne College, Syracuse, NY.

“I finished reading your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am an American history buff, and I even minored in American History at RPI, but I must say that I learned a thing or two from your writing. And the life stories of the soldiers was very interesting. I really got a sense of the sacrifices so many of them made, when it would have been very easy and certainly no disgrace to take the safer path, they took the road less traveled. Bev and I have some good friends that live in Portsmouth and we drive past Pease Air Base quite a bit. I never thought about who it was named for. Thanks for sharing this book with me.”

--James Sager Townsend, Mass.